Micro Cement

Injecting new to your floor


With a thickness of only 2-3mm Micro cement is a cement based coating that can be applied to both floors and walls. This type of coating is also rated with a high absorption resistance and thanks to its excellent bonding power micro cement can be applied to almost any kind of stable surface, including ceramics. These properties also allow micro cement to be applicable also on existing concrete flooring with a fast surface renewal, saving time and money.

Unlike most floorings and vertical coatings solutions, micro cement is completely customizable with an extremely wide range of colors as well as the possibility to create desired patterns. Moreover at Rado Systems we can guarantee that every job has its unique signature that highlights the quality of your flooring and wall cladding in Malta. Micro cement floorings are always truly unique. The Micro-topping can also be waterproof on the visible surface, which makes it suitable in locations such as kitchens, bathrooms, shower box, or even as coatings for bathtubs.

Reiterating the advantages it is important to include the fact that being only 2 to 3mm thin the flooring can be applied without the need to shorten your doors. Another important advantage is that this can be applied quickly and can be walked on the very next day! Because of its thinness and high adherence, Micro-topping does not crack under any circumstances by itself. The only possible cracks may appear only if the base is subject to some settling movement or to a significant expansion.

Want a special look for your stairs? Micro cement can also be applied on stairs but at Rado we recommend applying a metal corner which can be internal, embedded in the base mortar or external as a decorative element.


Applicable to Residential (Domestic) as well as Commercial Projects

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